Luxury Handmade Natural Wool Comforter

Enjoy deep, restorative sleep with our premium wool comforter. Handmade in the USA with premium eco-wool® fill and organic cotton sateen. Exceptionally lightweight, cozy, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. 100% chemical and cruelty-free.  

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Natural Luxury

Natural Luxury

Ultra-Soft & Fluffy

Ultra-Soft & Fluffy

Temperature Regulating

Temperature Regulating

Breathable Fibers

Breathable Fibers

ECOWOOL® Comforter

PlushBeds Handmade Luxury Wool Comforter is meticulously crafted with premium materials.

Lavishly soft, it’s filled with premium ECOWOOL® that’s dense but lightweight, with a naturally springy texture.

Sleeping under wool has proven health benefits. Studies link wool bedding with a longer REM cycle and a lower resting heart rate during sleep.

That’s because wool regulates temperature, year-round.

Go ahead and sleep with the windows open on cool nights — you’ll stay warm and cozy. In warmer months, wool down-regulates temperature.

Thanks also to the organic cotton cover, this comforter wicks away moisture and breathes.

Fall asleep in comfort, wake up rested and refreshed, night after night.


  • 100% virgin ECOWOOL® fill
  • GOTS certified organic cotton sateen cover (344 thread count)
  • Temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Stay-put wool warms evenly without shifting or bunching
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic and mildew-resistant
  • Tufted by hand and carefully stitched at the perimeter
  • Custom handmade to order in California

Made Using Only Chemical-Free, 100% Virgin Wool

Other wool products are often processed with harsh scouring agents, dyes, and chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

This PlushBeds wool comforter contains only the purest wool, with no harsh chemicals or irritating detergents. So even the most sensitive sleepers can enjoy the pure softness of natural wool bedding.

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Crafted from Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Wool

When you choose PlushBeds, you can feel good about using beautiful, natural wool — farmed ethically.

All of our wool comes from farmers dedicated to gentle flock management, humane wool shearing methods, and sustainable land use.

Why Organic Cotton Bedding?

If you have chemical sensitivities or prefer to decrease your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, choose organic cotton.

After all, you spend 1/3 of your life in close contact with your bedding. Sheets, covers, and mattresses are wise investments in organic cotton.

Organic cotton also feels softer than conventional cotton. The cotton fibers are left intact and not broken down by the chemicals used in the processing of non-organic cotton.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading worldwide standard for independently certifying organic fibers.

GOTS evaluates the entire textile supply chain, from the harvesting of the raw materials to responsible manufacturing and labeling.

Choosing GOTS-certified organic materials is not only better for your health. It’s socially and environmentally responsible.

Caring For Your Wool Comforter

With the right care, your PlushBeds Handmade Luxury Wool Comforter will stay beautifully soft and cozy for longer than any synthetic comforter.

First, we recommend you cover your comforter with a washable duvet cover. Washing the cover is all you will typically need to do to keep your bedding fresh. Spot clean the comforter as needed.

Your wool comforter can be machined washed cold on soak and spin cycles only. Washing with agitation may damage the comforter. Do not wring or machine dry. Instead, drape your comforter in the sun or a warm, dry place.

Warranty and Return Policy

Your purchase is covered by a 30-day warranty for manufacturer defects.

Due to safety and sanitary regulations, this product is not returnable.

If the product is not as described or is damaged in any way, please contact us immediately for a refund.

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